Each Round's Due Date and Conditions are noted on the SCHEDULE page.

Suemi's Stars   Hammer's Sharks
1.5 Round 1 5.5
3 Round 2 4
5 Round 3 2
9.5 Total 11.5

Matchups and Results - RD#1 Matchups and Results - RD#2 Matchups and Results - RD#3

Rules:  Play your round just as you have throughout the year.  Save the same files as usual, zip them up and report your gross scores as usual.  We do the rest.  As an option, if you wish to play your match online against your opponent, send him an email (addresses are on the Members Page) and see if he's willing to play online too!  If you play online, you still need to report your score (and place your opponent's name and score in the comment section), but obviously you will not need to upload any files.  Any questions, write us or post on the Message Board.