REPORT BY November 26 (midnight)

ConnLINKS 3-Club MOP

Download MOP by clicking on ConnLINKS 3-Club MOP above.  Unzip into your MOP folder.  IT IS THE SAME MOP AS LAST YEAR, so if you played here last year, you might already have the MOP.

When you go to play your game, simply choose the ConnLINKS 3-Club MOP instead of choosing Stroke Play.  The MOP will set all conditions other than you must choose the COURSE and CUSTOM PIN 1.  It will then take you to a screen where you will choose your clubs.  You can choose only THREE clubs (you will be given a putter also).  CHOOSE WISELY!!  and HAVE FUN!!  If you want to play with someone ONLINE, go right ahead!!  HAVE A BLAST!!

Course:        Thanksgiving Point 2003

Download the course by clicking on the link above. 

We are not able to record a round using the MOP.  So just play your round using your normal ConnLINKS player.  Zip up just your PIN file and report the scores as normal, submitting the zip file as usual.  The only difference is that you will only have your PIN file inside the zip.  This is FOR FUN!  SCRATCH PLAY

This is our LAST event of the year!!   Hope to see you back in 2023!  All who participated this year and were active at the end of year will receive an email during December concerning the next year's tour.  

We take the month of December "off".